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Uphill Rush Uphill Rush

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

excellent game


rewarding with much variety, this game offers a steady difficulty curve, with many varying challenges applied to the limited yet somewhat(there are similar games) inventive engine (loop de loops as an example). the use of stars gives more hardcore gamers an extra challenge, the 12+ levels are well designed and the 2 modes compliment each other. as a criticism more tricks would be nice, as well as more level variety


well suited light rock, at first sounded good but then got rather annoying, with little variance. the option of and on/off button is thoughtful but i want music in a flash game and i want it good, ruined the atmosphere of it in many circumstances, its just not 'cool', but nonetheless decent. sound effects are non existent.

there decent but not mind blowing, the ragdoll effect would be hilarious if it actually did stuff when u fell off, you just end up collapsing when you should be flying away. the use of a shadow is brilliant for replays and the backgrounds are fair, as well as the vehicles. no real criticisms here, its just good.


would be an 8 (as gameplay is the good part and sound/graphics aren't that important) but you really shone in menu design and extra touches, i.e the turbo and stars) to give it that extra one. has potential to be a great game, unfortunately visuals/sound especially let it down

86/100 (9/10) (4/5)

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Metro.Siberia Metro.Siberia

Rated 4 / 5 stars

the old formula made so new!

excellent, smooth lines throughout and that green is amazing, good framerate too,
although little variety and not a huge amount of detail.
extremely challenging and at the same time rewarding, will keep quite a few hooked for a while, although checkpoints as an optional feature would be nice for those wanting to explore the entire level, plus its very repetitive but in this case the design of levels more than make up for that.
great music in all three levels, not much background sound to speak of though, although this aims for that retro feel.

with little extras like the speech in easy mode, the beautiful menu design this game is a highly polished piece of work, with good, yet not entirely original gameplay. the helicopter game with a twist, and one for the better too.

77/100 (8/10) (4/5)

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Tetris Reborn Tetris Reborn

Rated 2 / 5 stars

the same but not as good

one dimensional, no mode variance, no music, but hey its still tetris so it gets 4